Affiliate Terms and FAQ

  • How do I join the affiliate program?

    Simply click on ‘Affiliates’ in the navigation above, and follow the instructions to sign up. Once you’ve signed up and logged in, click on Ads to choose from the various ad banners and link options, and place on your site.

    How much will I earn with the DivaThemes affiliate program?

    The amount you earn is up to you! Each time someone who has clicked on your affiliate link purchases a theme, you’ll earn 30% of the sale price.

    When will I be paid?

    Once your earnings reach $30, you’ll receive a payment in the first week of the following calendar month.

    Can I link to individual themes rather than your home page with my affiliate ID?

    Yes, simply append ?ap_id=youraffiliateidhere  – obviously replacing “youraffiliateidhere” with your actual affiliate id.

    (more info is coming, but I wanted to get the basics out there for the first users)