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  • Finally, I’ve updated my popular Bluebird theme to use some of the latest WordPress functionality. There are 3 new widget sections in the footer, and the sidebar is updated to allow a wide widget area, two narrow areas, or both! In the theme options page under the Appearance menu, you can choose to have the wide sidebar on the top or the narrow one. The widget areas will accommodate commonly used ad sizes as well.

    The navigation menu uses the Menus functionality, so you can customize it however works best for you.

    View demo

    Click here to download

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  • I’d like to download the free bluebird wordpress theme (2 column) but I just keep cycling between webpages when I select “Download”. Can you please let me know how I can download this free template. Thanks very much!

  • Click on the link above that says “Click Here to Download” and you’ll get the zip file. Thanks for choosing Bluebird!

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  • Looking for a way to center this theme. It hangs way left on higher resolution monitors

  • All support questions should be addressed in the support forum, but yes, it’s intended to be at the left of the monitor. :) Since most visitors won’t have a large monitor, it’s generally not a concern, but if you’d like to move it to the center you’ll need to change the CSS in the stylesheet under Appearance/Editor.

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  • Hi there,
    Ive been using your theme for years (I LOVE IT!) and im wondering if there is anyway to have the theme cover the whole page/screen, rather then have everything weighing on the left side? Thanks! Also, I am using version 3.0, which I think is the most updated one :)

  • I’m so glad you like Bluebird! Covering the whole screen is sort of a relative question. My screen may be smaller or larger than yours, so if we set it to fill the whole screen for one certain size monitor, people with other sizes would not see it the same way. While screens are getting larger, there is still a very large percentage of people using 1024 x 768 pixels, so that’s what the theme is set at. Of course, theoretically, you could change the theme so it goes by percentages of the screen vs. exact pixels, and that would make it fill any screen, but this creates HUGE wide posts for those on a screen of my size and that’s not good for readability. Best practices for readability are to keep posts at such a width so you can relatively easily scan a whole line with your eyes. Reading very long lines is tiring for readers and (based on the research I read) they’ll not stay on your site as long. So, yes, it’s possible to alter the stylesheet to have content sections go in percentages vs. exact pixels, I just don’t recommend it. But it’s totally your call of course! :)

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