• 1. May I change some of the elements of the design of the theme I purchased?

    Yes! Please make the theme your own. Especially if you’re new to customizations, we recommend the Firefox add-on Firebug finding the appropriate CSS elements to make changes to in the stylesheet. Check this post for more information on how to use Firebug.

    2.  Can you help me customize my theme?

    We may provide a limited amount of help with CSS tweaks and other simple edits, but for more in-depth issues, you may want to either hire a developer or get adventurous and figure it out by experimenting!

    3. May I take the credit link to Diva Themes out of the footer?

    Yes, certainly. While we appreciate it if you choose to leave it in, we have absolutely no problem with you taking it out.

    4. May I use the theme I purchase on multiple sites?

    The license you purchased allows you to use the theme on one site at a time only.